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Train like the pros with the Wonderboy Weighted & SweetSpot bats!

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The Patented Design of Wonderboy Sweet Spot and Weighted Baseball Bats are Proven to Help Pros & Amateurs Gain Strength and Achieve a Better, More Consistent Swing

The Wonderboy Sweet Spot & Weighted Bats

Wonderboy’s patented baseball training products can improve your swing without sacrificing the feel of a regular bat. Developed and crafted by renowned baseball hitting instructor and inventor Richie Smith, Wonderboy Sweet Spot and Weighted baseball bats will give you a greater advantage and help form the discipline you need to be a better hitter.

Unlike aluminum or normal baseball bats, Wonderboy Game and Training Baseball bats are designed to give you POWER to CRUSH the baseball. Every day, we are custom milling and manufacturing our training bats for NCAA Teams, Major League Players, and MLB Teams like the Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros and many more!

Get the edge over the competition today! Order your Wonderboy training bats and other fine products online, or over the phone today: 941-809-3641

  • Heighten barrel awareness (where the sweet spot is)

  • Increase bat speed, while maintaining a smooth swing

  • Increase your swinging power

  • Give you a shorter swing path

Check out the Wonderboy Forearm Blaster!

Increase your grip, wrist, and forearm strength with the Wonderboy Forearm Blasters. The forearm blaster comes in two sizes: The Bubba and The Junior!

Forearm blaster

The brand new Wonderboy Wrist Blasters!

Richie Smith has done it again, only this time developing the perfect solution for working out your wrists!

Wrist blaster

Check out the Wonderboy Ball holders!

A great gift for when your child hits that game winning run! Want something to put that autographed ball in? Match it up with your favorite team!

Ball Holders

See Wonderboy Training Bats in Action!