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I received the Wonderboy Sweet Spot Bat at the All-Star break and incorporated it for the second half of the season, both at home and on the road. The following statistics speak for themselves. Prior to All Star Break: AB:209-Hits 37 / BA .177 After All Star Break: AB:179 Hits: 51 / BA .285!
Dioner Navarro​
Retired Toronto Blue Jays
Man, I love that bat…I use it in the cage everyday and it made me so much better, is there anyway I can get another one to use again? I love that bat, I have told a bunch of people about it, and in fact everyone at Miami is using it. My bat has gotten a little old but I still use it. I just love that bat you made for me.
Yonder Alonso​
Cleveland Indians
Hey Richie, thank you for the bat It is awesome. Yes, you can use my photo for your brochure and website. Take care and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Much love man!

Matt LaPorta​
Cleveland Indians
Fantastic!! They are beautiful works of art and great tools of the trade too!!!


Mike Barnett
Former MLB Hitting Coach
Hey, I recommend your bats to everyone. They are awesome! A few kids bought some from Lakeland HS. We had a good year. Most kids are using Grant's and the other kids. Best Training bats!

Rafael Bournigal
Former MLB Player
I'm so lucky to have found this company. I own a training and game bat, and these bats are unreal. These bats look almost as good as they feel, which is saying a lot! This company is ever so generous, and Mr. Richie Smith does a heck of a great job with these. Baseball players are missing out until you get a Wonderboy game bat. If you don't believe me, believe major league teams and players — round of applause to this great brand.
Dylan Bromberg
Amateur Player
I don't play baseball, but the Wonderboy Wrist Blasters are absolutely amazing. I use it every morning and I'm just blown away how simple and effective it is. It has improved my wrist strength noticeably in yoga!

Tino Tatum